Sunday, March 5, 2017


This word doesn't have a lot of good press lately, well maybe for a very long time. I've always used it though and I'm sure its because of my Christian upbringing where we insist the title is the actual name, although that's not true.

But when you study religions that mostly embrace all as one then why does it need a name? Maybe it doesn't. Who knows. I personally like having a name, but I don't really need one because often I'll still just use the term God, which is not a name, it is a title.

I'm sure the lack of having a name for God came from the transition as Christianity split from Judaism and they have a name in Hebrew which you're not supposed to say or name, but you can write it, יהוה. Right to left these Hebrew letters are yup hey vav hey. Those are the names of the letters and if you look at them they could be pronounced Yahweh, but usually aren't. Anyhow, I think because of this lack of wanting to speak the name the early Christians, even though I doubt that's what they called themselves, decided to just call him God. Yes I say him because they believed it was a him.

I do truly believe that I believe that God is everything. The law of attraction as taught by Abraham would say the same thing, but they don't like to use the term God. Sharath in conference this season and last used the term energy in place of the word God because that word has gotten such a bad wrap. So whatever you call it, it's everything. I believe this, I'm not asking for your belief system, this is my blog, but an in person discussion about it is always welcome. I love talking about this shit.

I even know people who would say how can I talk about God and use the word shit in the same paragraph. Well, if you believe God is everything then shit is included in that, so get over it. The word and the stuff!

I've mostly been focusing on the Hindu faith these past few years. Actually known as Sanatana Dharma, not Hinduism, a word which came from the fact that as the Aryans (Iranians) migrated into the area commonly known as India, but better known to its people as Bharat, they had to cross the Sindu river, but in their tongue the s sound wasn't so easily available so they called it Indu(s) and anyone past it was a Hindu. Therefor the name Hindu came about and became more common.

A friend of mine thinks of everything as Shiva, since Shiva is the all being, everything is a manifestation of him/her/it. So I often use this term as well. But I digress...

My focus on the Hindu faith has been since 2000 when I started practicing Ashtanga but I let go of it for a long time to focus on other things, then once I started going to India and to temples in India more specifically I got interested in it again. But it started seeping in, and reminding me of the days in the late 80's where I studied Wicca pretty deeply. The pagan feeling and all that is there. But this is all well documented in my blog and on other social media outlets I regularly use.

So do I need a name for god? No. Do I want one? Sometimes, often yes, but much of the time god suffices for me as well. I like saying goddess too because the divine feminine really appeals to me. But does it matter? No. Everything is God I said remember? And I believe this. Even though I forget it often, I have moments of clarity where I remember and KNOW it so fully that it surprises me that I forget it.

And since everything is god does it matter if we argue? If we fight? If we get along, or fall in love? Does it matter if we're nice to everyone? Or mean to everyone? If we feel good, or bad? If we're a whore? Or very chaste? Or if we practice yoga, or not, or meditate, or chant, or do any of it?!?

Who the fuck knows. I don't. I know that when I feel connected sometimes I don't want to do any of those things and yet I still feel connected. I know that sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad, sometimes I'm horny, sometimes I'm very against the idea of having sex for a long period of time, sometimes I love to eat too much and sometimes I love to only eat sweets all day long. Sometimes I love to practice yoga, sometimes not. Sometimes I love to teach yoga, sometimes not. Sometimes I just want to lie around and watch tv all day long, and do it, and yes I still feel okay. Or I don't. But none of these things or any of the thousands of other scenarios I could come up with makes me any less god, or you, or that bitch down the street or the tree in the park, or the rocks in the creek, or... I could go on. But why.

My idea is that what does it matter what we call it? Or what we think it looks like? Or where its suppose to be? I believe my way, you believe yours. Even if we're in the same religion, or both not involved in any religion, we're both still God, or a little bit of that energy tucked into our little sleeve of reality, so once you know that how can you not change the way you act or feel towards others? Even if they call him Allah, or Yahweh, or Krishna, or Shiva, or Kali, or Odin, or Jesus, or the Great Spirit. Those are just names, small little titles that we think can name it, but do they really? Or are they just capturing an aspect of this energy? Maybe. Maybe Sat Inder is my little bit of God, and yours is your name, and hers her name, and the dogs his name, etc.

Maybe we're just all in this together and we need to just get the fuck over it and act like it. Or not. But maybe we just all need to be okay with whatever is going on, around us, or within us, because its all God, or in other terms it's all okay.

It is all okay. That quote from Best Exotic Marigold Hotel that I love, even though I love the whole movie, is It'll all be okay in the end, and if it's not okay, then it's not yet the end. It is always the end of one thing, and the beginning of another, so it's all always okay. It's your connection to it or reaction to it that makes it not so...

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